2017 Speakers

Anne Lassman-Trappier is a Chamonix-born environmentalist. Following studies in International Trade, she lived and worked in London for many year. She started getting involved in environmental campaigns on transport issues at a European level, as well as in Paris with France Nature Environment, a national NGO. She launched Inspire, a local non-profit whose aim is […]More
Misha is a serial entrepreneur with nearly two decades of experience founding and running successful technology companies.  He started his first business building computers in his bedroom and later merged with Advanced Computer Software Group PLC in 2011. He plays an active role in the European tech eco-system as an advisor, angel investor and mentor […]More
Tim Smith leads the Collaboration, Devices and Applications Group at CERN, the European Particle Physics Laboratory. He is an Open Science advocate leading initiatives at CERN and in the wider science community. He drove the launch of CERN’s Open Data Portal to share LHC big data with the world, as well as the Higgs Boson […]More
Ellen Brennan follows her passion of Wingsuit BASE-jumping to explore the boundaries of what we think is possible. Her dedication to the sport has led her to become one of the top female athletes in her field. Best known for her feats in wingsuit competitions, Ellen has become known as the “Fastest Flying Woman in […]More
Alyoscia D’Onofrio is the Senior Director of the International Rescue Committee’s Governance Technical Unit, where he oversees a team of technical advisors supporting IRC and partner programs in conflict-affected and fragile settings around the world. He has worked with the IRC since 1997, joining the agency in Bosnia as Program Manager for a network of […]More
Anecdotes of disaster and war zone suffering often pull at the heartstrings and bring in the money for relief, whether it’s private donations or large-scale government responses. However, anecdotes do not tell the full, unique story that each situation deserves, nor do they provide the correct information for a tailored response. One of our speakers […]More
While one of our speakers is a flying mammal, another speaker studies flying mammals. Dr. Alexa Sadier, a Chamonix valley native, researches evolutionary biology by studying bats. Growing up in Argentiere fostered Alexa’s spirit to constantly push herself. She’s an alpinist and a freeride skier. Breaking through her physical limits inspired her to push the […]More
All of us can have our perspectives changed by a breakthrough moment of comprehension, a moment when we are captivated by an idea.  I had one such moment and it propelled me into what became a lifelong obsession. Certainly not top of my class coming out of high school, and floundering in my first year […]More
Anyone who participates in sports knows the risks of injury. But fortunately, through research and innovative clinical practices, athletes are able to return to the sports they love, and more quickly than ever before. Jean-Charles Rollier is a world renowned orthopedic surgeon. Early in his career, his interest in sport and functional recovery led him […]More
Naomi has worked on climate change and sustainable development issues for more than a decade. She’s an original tree-hugger, whose efforts focus on the agriculture and forestry sectors- seeking to reduce deforestation and drive positive change in the land-use sector. Naomi currently focuses on broad green-growth strategies and the promotion of sustainable production in countries […]More