Tim Smith

Tim Smith leads the Collaboration, Devices and Applications Group at CERN, the European Particle Physics Laboratory. He is an Open Science advocate leading initiatives at CERN and in the wider science community. He drove the launch of CERN’s Open Data Portal to share LHC big data with the world, as well as the Higgs Boson webcast which shared its discovery live around the globe. He also instigated and nurtures Zenodo within the European Commission’s OpenAIRE project as an open data service for world-wide science.

Tim came to CERN at the end of the 80s, obtained a PhD in Particle Physics and performed research at the LEP accelerator for 10 years. He then joined the CERN IT Department to lead teams innovating in computing farm management and physics data management. He is an avid mountaineer, skier and cyclist, and no stranger to the delights of the Chamonix valley.

Science is a process by which we understand the Universe we live in. Sharing results openly at every stage of the process enables others to cross-check and build on the results, steadily deepening our collective knowledge. Sharing in a form accessible to all ensures that this understanding can be used to advance technology and society, and enrich our daily lives. Tim will illustrate this process through the eyes of CERN, the world’s biggest scientific experiment.